Besides the charity and Police related events we also get requests for TV-film and commercial jobs.

For example: our cruisers featured as background in the movie: 'Mindhunters'. The outside scenes were filmed in Hoogerheide, Netherlands. The church-like building on the island is actually the old 'Radio Kootwijk' building in Kootwijk,NL that is situated in the woods…. This is the movie-trailer:  

Another fine example is the making of 'missing minny' that was partially filmed in Eindhoven(NL). The NYPD cruiser is owned by Martin, member of the German PCOOA-EV. The making of trailer: (klik on this link for the complete movie)

The NYPD caprice featured in the music video clip(>2:10min) of famous dutch rappers Brace ft Ali B :


The CHP Impala and BMW were used in a nation wide commercial for Coolbest   and Radio 538: 

Thru out the year several articles we written about us in different magazines etc. De scans will follow soon.

Event video's:

This video was taken by someone in the street who noticed the parade and posted it on youtube. The event was an international historical Police vehicle meeting in Brussels (Belgium). Participants were owners of old Belgium police units and US units from the Germand PCOOA-ev and Dutch PVGNL. All units are privatly owned but the parade was escorted by the Brussels Police. For pic's use this photo link

Another hi-light in 2010 was the first 'Hoogvliegers foundation' day at Schiphol Airport (the Dutch International Airport). The foundation is deticated to getting as many terminally sick children in the air as they normally don't get a chance to fly let alone fly themselves. This video is of the 'runway' run, a drive across the airport where regular flights had to wait a few minutes for the parade to pass before continuing taxing for take off. For pic's of this day > photo link. For general info and reports of other related events check > . 

This professionally made vidieo clip was made by Chris Heine during the general info day of the 'Opkikker'-foundation in Almere.

In 2010 we also participated in Dreamnight @ the Zoo, in this case the Zoo was Artis Amersterdam(NL) but this event is nation and even world-wide. This video shows the transport of longtime-sick children and there families to and from the Zoo for which only Emergency vehicles were used.(hundreds of them) > photo link