This is the interactive page where you can ask questions or find awnsers. In the F.A.Q below are question we frequently receive from visitors. We'd like to hear you comments and thoughts about our site and hobby etc. You can email us or leave a message in our guestbook just like many did before you. 

You won't find any home addresses of phone# on the pages because we don't want to make thos public. If you want to contact a specific member just send an e-mail and this will find it's way to the person you need.

For genaral questions or f.e. a request to take part in your event contact us via : info@politievoertuigengroep.nl 


are all police car and bike owners in NL mebers of PVGNL ??

No, defenatly not. Check the 'vehicles' page to find out who is part of our active group. The spec's page is up to date and any new member or ex-member will be added or taken of. If you are wondering about a car or bike (member or not) and you can't find an awnser on these pages just send us an email we might be able to help out. info@politievoertuigengroep.nl

how can I become a member of the PVGNL ??

We are not really a club so we don't that kind of membership. It more a case of fitting in the group.(a group of people who share the same intrests) Requirements are simple: an original or replica of an original Police vehicle(pref. American) and the pasion for this hobby. Then it might just be possible that you fit in. We all have the same pasion for the vehicles and become good friends because of it.


what does the PVGNL  do?? 

As a group we've become a very impressive apperance that works as a magnet for the general public. We often atract much attention on events only by sounding those sirens that are very different from the sirens used by police/fire and emt in the Netherlands. We are frequently be asked to apear on Police and/or Fire parades, truckrun for disabled children or terminaly ill kids, weddings, retirements of police officers etc etc. (these are mostly hobby related events)

When does the PVGNL join event ??

Via email, telephone or personal contact we receive requests to attend. We use group email to find out who of our members can/will like to go to that event and once we have enough vehicles to make it worth while we'll work out the details with the organisation of the event.

what does it cost to apear ??

The maintinance and driving of the vehicles costs a lot of money but this is different for all the car/bikes but this is part of the hobby. A contribution for the group is therefor greatly apriciated. A bite to eat and a drink from time to time during the event is taken for graunted.

are you for rent (for weddings movies etc.) ??

These kind of things mostly take place during the weekdays so then time of is need from the regular day job. In this case financial compensation is needed but is different per vehicle. The hight of the expences will be agreed upon prior to the event (depends on vehicle/driving distance/how many/availability etc.) more info on this via email : info@politievoertuigengroep.nl  (Each vehicle comes with it's owner. It's not possible to rent just the vehicles)


is the PVGNL part of any Dutch Police force ??

No, all vehicles are privatly owned. We did start the foundation Police Vehicles Group Netherlands to support the affiliated car/bike owners. A side effect of this foundation is the option to donate funds or equipment to support our activities.  

are you mistaken for the real Police

yes, reactions of other motorists show that they think that we might be the real police even though our vehicles don't even remotly look like the Dutch Police cars and bikes. We often see that seatbelts are quickly put on or nobody exceeds the max. speedlimit anymore.

do you have permits to use lights and sirens ??

No,just like all POV's we too are nog permitted to use the ligths and siren in general traffic. When we are part of an event the local Police is almost allways present and then it's ussually o.k to use the equipment. If the local Police does not agree with us using the lights and sirens then it will remain disconnected.

The lights and sirens are mounted on the cars and bikes, what's the story here??

In normal use of the vehicles the power lines to lights and sirens are disconneted at the car battery so the cannot be turned on while driving. The fact that these unit's do look like any Police vehicle that is in use in the Netherlands it's no problem to drive a American cruiser. Some of us even use the fully marked cruiser as a daily driver.....A

Do you have weapons ??

NO, owning or carring weapons of any kind is forbidden by law.

can I copy/deeplink photo or video material of your site  ??

All of our pictures and video's have copyright. If you like to use or copy our material: shoor an email to clear the use info@politievoertuigengroep.nl