ESPD Kawasaki KZ1000P

El Segundo Police Dept, Kawasaki Z1000P5

13465943 1440173479341491 3474460570728983216 n

korps: El Segundo Police

merk: Kawasaki

model: KZ1000P5


cil. inhoud: 998cc

eigenaar: Arnold

Patch ESPD

El Segundo is a city in Los Angeles County, California UNited States. El Segundo, from spanisch, means: The Second in English. Located on the Santa Monica Bay, it was incorperated on January 18, 1917 and is one of the Beach Cities of the LA County and part of South Bay Cities Council of Gouverments. The population was 16.654 in 2010.

The El Segundo Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service through a community oriented policing and problem solving philosophy. Within this philosophy, department members work in partnership with community members to identify problems for the purposes of making long-term improvements in the safety and quality of life within El Segundo.